TICKETY - The practice software
for doctors

You are a doctor and want to reduce the risk of infection for patients with a practice software in your waiting room?

Doctors Display

With the Tickety practice software, you save yourself the annoying waiting time in the waiting room and keep the risk of infection to a minimum.

How does Tickety work?

Tickety is very easy to use and only benefits patients and you. Give it a try!

Pull ticket

1. draw ticket

The patient requests a ticket online or on site.

Receive ticket number

2. ticket number

The patient is assigned a number by you.

3. tracking

The patient effortlessly tracks via his smartphone which ticket number he has received and which is currently being treated.

In the waiting area

4. waiting area

The patient should arrive at the waiting area one ticket number ahead of their number.

5. your turn

You call up the ticket number.

How is Tickety integrated?

With Tickety, no cumbersome and lengthy integration via different API interfaces is necessary. Partner doctors register an account and are listed on our ticketing platform, and their patients can purchase their ticket directly from the respective doctor at www.steckdichnichtan.com. Alternatively, doctors can place a direct hyperlink on their own website, which leads patients to the ticket platform with just one click.

1. doctors register 

on Tickety

2. doctors present their


 in the dashboard

3. visibility 

for patients

Advantages for


Better planning

Tickety, lets you check the number of patients at a glance. This allows for easier planning of the closing time.

Protection from infections

Protecting staff, patients and doctors from infections is a top priority.

More hygiene

Fewer patients in the waiting room, lead to a more pleasant atmosphere, better air and more hygiene.

Satisfied Patients

Patients can make good use of their waiting time, whether at home or over a cup of coffee.


Voices from satisfied colleagues

Tickety has had a positive influence on our everyday practice. Our patients give us only positive feedback.

Dr Susanne Strasser

General practitioner

Protecting our patients from infectious diseases in our waiting room is a top priority for us. Therefore, the decision for Tickety was a matter of course.

Dr.Matthias Wallner

General practitioner

Tickety Business

  • Test 6 months free of charge
  • Placement on Tickety
  • Ticket management system
  • Patient Management
  • Practice link

For the health of my patients

Fairness & Cohesion

Our company is committed to using digital solutions to better protect humanity against infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

Fundamental factors when it comes to fighting a global pandemic are cohesion and fairness.

That's also the way our prices are set. They are fair because we stick together. € 24.99 (excl. VAT) per month without hidden fees or additional costs.

Tickety Business

  • Test 6 months free of charge
  • Placement on Tickety
  • Ticket management system
  • Patient Management
  • Practice link
  • Calendar Management
  • Appointment booking tool

For the health of my patients

Innovation & Health

The Tickety premium model is ideal for doctors who want to make their practices more efficient and secure through digitalisation!

In addition to the extensive services of the basic model, a calendar management tool and an appointment booking tool are included. This will bring your practice up to the latest technical standard!